I’m on a mission to inspire others to live a life you love sustainably, but who am I?!

Find out who is Clare Talks Rubbish!  In this episode I lay myself bare and tell my story of how I transitioned from an unhappy lawyer to living the life I love in a sustainable way.  I talk about my passion for the ocean, simple hacks on how you can make a difference and I aim to inspire and empower you to lead the way in creating a wave of change. 

Newsflash!  I don’t have any superpowers, nor do I have a secret trust fund.  I don’t have a degree in environmental conservation and while I absolutely believe that campaigners must work alongside experts, I know that every day people can create a ripple effect of change.  Hey I went from a woo woo hating yoga nonsense meditation – bah whats all that crap about attitude to be coming a coach and mindfulness leader.  I also went from being scared to put my hand up in class to actively seeking out opportunities for public speaking.  And from being afraid of swimming in the sea… because… fish!… to travelling around the globe to seek out the last congregations of the oceans majestic and most feared sharks to prove that there really isn’t anything to be afraid of!

I am not a zero waster, nor a vegan and I won’t judge you for whatever place you have reached on your journey because I have no right to and nor does anyone else.  I aspire to be better and I hope that you will join me on my journey.

One correction… I actually started scuba diving in 2003.  (my memory isn’t what it used to be 😉 !)  

All future episodes will be conversations with others pioneering positive change for the environment.  Together we’re redefining what’s possible.

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And so why not start today to live a life you love sustainably.  Much love xox

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