What is IEMT? Creating Change in the Blink of An Eye

Integral Eye Movement Therapy is a process where a practitioner can help you to detach negative emotions from memories and identities you hold by moving your eyes through a series of patterns. It can create huge emotional shifts in a short number of sessions and often in areas where other modes of therapy have not been effective. It is useful for all sorts of unhelpful emotions and patterns including anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, PTS, trauma and many other emotional blocks.

You may be aware that certain situations or people can ‘trigger’ you.  That trigger is an emotional imprint that you learnt at some point earlier in your life and it is this that you are reacting to rather than the present reality. Clearly this is neither helpful nor does it enable you to think rationally so that you can respond in a proportionate way. 

What is an emotional imprint?

Say you come accross an angry barking dog as a child and it scares you, you might imprint this as ‘all dogs are scary’.  If the same person comes accross another angry barking dog later in life, it reinforces this imprint and will also add to it, this happens for all emotional imprints – especially if there is a repeat or worse event that is similar. This is the first event that created that negative pattern, otherwise known as an emotional imprint. A more extreme version might be a soldier back from war, who hears a car backfire… this subsequent event may cause a flashback to gunfire. 

We also acquire identity imprints which are our internal labels to people and things.  For instance: 

  • Our gender has an identity imprint;
  • Our roles – like parent, child, sibling, wife; 
  • Other people’s identity – like ex-boyfriend, Dad, Grandma etc.  
  • Also ‘things’ like – ‘that house’, the pub’, ‘my asthma’, ‘my back pain’, ‘my anxiety’.

Each identity or emotional imprint becomes embedded in our neurology and as indicated above, can be distorted, twisted and magnified as we go through life.  This happens to such an extent that we lose contact or forget what the original trigger was.

Often the issue that you are seeking help with now is not caused by what you think it is and so an IEMT practitioner helps you to peel away the layers of life, as with the layers of an onion, to find the key imprint that creates the core emotional shift for you.

In simple terms, the key questions I help you to resolve are:

“How did I learn to feel this way about that thing?”

“How did I learn to be this way?”

Why does it matter?

Some aspects of identity can be problematic. For example, an emotional imprint might be “I feel anxious” whilst an identity imprint might be “I am an anxious person” or even “I am a depressive.”  By specifically addressing the identity imprint, I help you to by-pass the beliefs that support that unhelpful identity: ”I cannot do that because of my anxiety” for instance.

Great for Sensitive Issues & Deep Trauma

IEMT does not require you to re-tell the story of your past traumas and issues, and unlike EMDR (see below for more about that), it doesn’t require you to re-live it either.  This makes it an ideal therapy for those who can’t verbalise their experiences, or who don’t want to delve back into the details of past traumas.  In therapeutic terms, we call this working ‘content free’, which essentially means that as a therapist I do not need to know the details of what you are working through in order to create those shifts for you.

What does IEMT have to do with empowering change makers?

I trained in IEMT because it was the therapy that created the biggest change for me when I was feeling overwhelmed, stuck and unable to think straight.  It helped me to deal with the trauma of watching a loved one on life support for an extended period of time, to get unstuck from a marriage and job that didn’t serve me and freed me from the identity that I was a victim, a powerless and unhappy person who had no choices.  These were the imprints that prevented me from believing I could be a successful entrepreneur, that stopped me believing that I could make a difference or that I could do or be anything that ‘other happier and more successful people’ could do.

Once I shifted the deeper rubbish I was carrying around with me I started to believe that I could be the conscious leader I want to be.   I understood that to have the impact on the greater external eco-system and create the community of change makers that I am now empowered to create, I first had to work on my internal landscape.  I now support anyone who is striving to have a positive impact on people and planet, because I know that to be an effective leader change must first come from within.

Is IEMT for me?

IEMT is for you if you are ready to create shifts and to let go of negative emotions and unhelpful patterns.  There are a few contraindications which mean that IEMT is not for you and this includes having an eye infection at the time of treatment.  I go through these with you on intake and am also guided by the ethics of the Association of IEMT Practitioners.

Do you use IEMT in a coaching session?

IEMT is deep therapeutic change work and not coaching.  If I am working with you on a purely coaching relationship because I am working with you via your organisation then I would discuss this as an option if it was not part of our original coaching contract.

With one to one coaching clients I often blend my tools so that I use IEMT to release those deeper negative emotions and patterns to get you into a calm and empowered state; I then offer ongoing support and accountability via coaching methodology. 

What is IEMT: the Origins…

IEMT was developed by Andrew T Austin from Steve and Connierae Andreas’ model of Eye Movement Integration and his own extensive observations of neurological phenomena.  IEMT is not EMDR, a therapy that was created in the 1980s.  For more about the differences between IEMT and EMDR read Andy’s blog post here.

Learn more about what is IEMT here.

I am here for YOU!

I have been on the journey to consious creativity and learned so much along the way.  There have been highs and many lows too! I now want to share my expertise to help and support you on your journey.  Get in touch if you are ready to level up, to step into your power and lead the way into consciously creating a life and business in harmony with our larger ecosystem.