Travel and Adventures

Travel and Adventures

Ok so travel and being eco do not necessarily go hand in hand.  And I am not perfect by any means so I have to hold my hands up and say that I do travel and I do fly.  I will be investigating ways of minimising this in the future and next year I have cut back on my travel plans.  Here you can find out about my trips, not in a ‘hey look at me and what I’ve done kind of way’, but more tips about the destinations, what to take with you and what I learnt along the way.  Inspiration for your own travels and adventures and ideas about sustainable travel and eco adventures.

While I am building these pages and catching up on a huge backlog of writing here’s a brief summary of my past trips and those to come.  The remaining tools and tips I’m keeping close to my chest until I publish them.  Something to look forward to!

In the meantime, I have a few questions for you!  Answer by email or on my socials please.  Thank you!

1.  What is the difference between an adventure and a holiday for you?

2. What does adventure mean to you?

3. What are the three key things you look for in a trip (adventure or holiday or both)?

4. Would you book a wellbeing experience and if yes what would be the key takeaways you would want from it?

5. Are you interested in sustainable travel?  What does sustainable travel mean to you or what information would you want to know about it?

2017 Travel and Adventures 

India Yoga

Paddle Pickup Width of Britain

California Kayaking and Whale Watching 

Egypt Sharks, Dolphins and Dugongs 


2018 Travel and Adventures

Socorro – Sharks, Dolphins and Oceanic Mantas

Paddle Pickup Length of Wales

Spain Yoga

Lofotens Arctic Norway Expedition

Cornwall Kayak skills

France Vanlife

Devon Dive with Seals

Sleep Out for the Homeless

Snail Trail cycle – micro-adventure



2019 Travels and Adventures

House Sitting Somerset

House Sitting California

Birthday Barcelona Tripping

Kayak Skills Anglesea

Paddle Cleanup Scotland

Expedition Summer Isles

Blissed out Yoga in the Mountains

Wye Paddle an Origami Canoe?



Upcoming Travels and Adventures


September – Cocos and Coast Rica, Sharks, forests and creatures!

December – House Sitting Isle of Man

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