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For me an adventure is something that is more challenging than a holiday. It’s an experience that challenges you out of your comfort zone. Adventures are different for everyone though and to some walking down to the end of the road might be an adventure and to others it would be crossing an ocean.

Either way, each adventure you go on your comfort zone grows and with that your confidence and faith in yourself.  For that reason, adventure has had a huge impact on my life.  I never in a million years anticipated myself kayaking in the Arctic for instance, but I have!

I continue to explore how adventure and nature connection help us to grow as individuals and teams and use my experiences in my coaching, talks, workshops and beyond.

If you are thinking about going on an adventure then I can help you.  Half the battle is getting started, getting over the procrastination and the fears and making a plan.  I can coach you through your ideas right through to getting that action plan in progress so please get in touch for a free chat to explore how I can help you.  

You have all the resources you need though, it is just a case of me helping you to find them so that you can create your own adventure that is right for you.

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Travel – A Confession

Travel has always been a passion of mine, maybe because I travelled so much when I was very young.  For me, its enriching, to experience other cultures, nourishing to spend time in the natural world and educational as you learn others perspecitves on life.

I was born and lived in Brunei, Borneo and then in Holland before moving to the UK when I was 5. So I spent a huge part of the imprint part of my life in other cultures. This was also however due to something that is a complete juxtaposition to the environmental work I now do. I was brought up in an environment where oil paid for my lifestyle.  My Dad worked for Shell, hence all the travelling, and so oil money paid for my education, my home and my life until I was in my early 20s. Environmentalism wasn’t something on my radar until I was in my 30s.

So now I am aware of the issues, and of my ability to have an impact, I look forward.  I am glad my Dad did the job he did because I wouldnt be the person I am today without it.  Some might think of me as a hypocrite because I have lived off the money of the industry that has a huge part to play in world issues.  For me, that is just a part of my life and those industries aren’t going anywhere so we might as well work with them to see how we can help them to facilitate change from within.

Ok so travel and being eco do not necessarily go hand in hand and I am still working out how to continue to travel but more sustainably. I have cut back on my travel plans and explore options constantly.

2017 Travel and Adventures 

India Yoga

Paddle Pickup Width of Britain

California Kayaking and Whale Watching 

Egypt Sharks, Dolphins and Dugongs 


2018 Travel and Adventures

Socorro – Sharks, Dolphins and Oceanic Mantas

Paddle Pickup Length of Wales

Spain Yoga

Lofotens Arctic Norway Expedition

Cornwall Kayak skills

France Vanlife

Devon Dive with Seals

Sleep Out for the Homeless

Snail Trail cycle – micro-adventure



2019 Travels and Adventures

House Sitting Somerset

House Sitting California

Birthday Barcelona Tripping

Kayak Skills Anglesea

Paddle Cleanup Scotland

Expedition Summer Isles

Blissed out Yoga in the Mountains

Wye Paddle an Origami Canoe?

 Isla del Coco -Overcoming fear and challenge


Upcoming Travels and Adventures

December 2019- House Sitting Isle of Man

Paddle Cleanup 2020

2021 Underwater in French Polynesia

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Adventure Coaching and Mindful Adventure

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