mindfulness & Life Coach, Speaker and Ocean Advocate.

Together we can create a wave of change

We facilitate 1:1 and group coaching, workshops, events, and experiences that empower people to become the authors of their own stories, while being mindful of their footprint on our fragile world. We believe that to live a full life, we NEED connection, to feel as though we are part of something and that we are a contribution. We also believe that connecting to nature and especially the water can be a powerful tonic.

“We’re inspired by water – hearing it, smelling it in the air, playing in it, walking next to it, painting it, surfing, swimming or fishing in it… creating lasting memories along its edge.” W. J. Nichols 

We create opportunities for individuals and teams to realise their full potential, to come together to create a wave of change.

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.” – Tony Robbins

Create a life you love sustainably 

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who are we?

Clare Talks

Clare Osborn is the founder of Clare Talks but I couldnt do what I do without the amazing people around me.  I work collaboratively and can also bring in a range of support and expertise to help me to deliver larger scale away days, workshops and team building etc.  My ‘Team’ page is going to launch soon.  To find out more about me, head over to the ‘About me page’.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to redefine what’s possible, stepping outside the status quo to fulfil our potential.

We envisage a world where individuals feel empowered and the collective absolutely DOES make a difference.  A world where we give back rather than take away.

We’re on a mission to create a life less ordinary.


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A series of conversations with every day heroes who are pioneering positive change.  Inspiring stories that redefine what’s possible.

Latest Podcast Episodes

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Podcast Episode 1: Who is Clare Talks Rubbish?

I'm on a mission to inspire others to live a life you love sustainably, but who am I?! Find out who is Clare Talks Rubbish!  In this episode I lay myself bare and tell my story of how I transitioned from an unhappy lawyer to living the life I love in a sustainable...

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The only thing that separates you from someone who is doing what you want to do is time!  Start spending time doing the things that you want to do and eventually you will be that person too!  Sounds too easy right?  It IS that easy though.


YOU are the most important thing in your journey on this planet.  In order to help it and others around us, we must start with ourselves.  You can only make positive changes from a place of fullness.

Your dreams won’t come to you without some investment in yourself.  So, ask yourself, what does your dream life look like? How will you feel when you get there?  Whatever is holding you back, I can help you.