How can you get involved?

Download the new Paddle Cleanup toolkit which will enable you to go to your local club and arrange one with them. Scroll down for the link!

Alternatively, join one of Evoke Adventure’s annual  #PaddleCleanup expeditions more details below.

Paddle Cleanup Expedition 2020 has been postponed – register your interest for 2021

The groundbreaking annual Paddle Cleanup Expedition is back!  Our way of giving back to the planet and having an awesome wilderness adventure at the same time. Each year we head to a different corner of the UK to explore unique coastlines, waterways and wild places. 

Our mission: To clean-up as much rubbish as we can whilst also undertaking a real adventure. We have reached thousands of people with our message. This is a unique opportunity to join our small expedition team.

Each year we are blown away by the passionate people who join us.

Are you one of Team Paddle Cleanup 2021!?

Join our crew!

Paddle Cleanup 2020 is taking to the Norfolk Broads, a part of the UK renowned for its peaceful waterways and stunning scenery. 

All of the rubbish we collect from our paddling we sort, clean and recycle wherever possible. Previous Paddle Cleanup expeditions have reached the national press and cleared tonnes of waste from our waterways. 

Plastic collected has been taken to outreach events by Incredible Oceans, worn by Jodie Kidd in London fashion week, and been recycled and turned into kayaks by Odyssey Innovation

This is a unique opportunity to become part of the Paddle Cleanup legacy.

Limited spaces available, we usually sell out!

Left: Clare Osborn – Conservation and Wellbeing
Right: Erin Bastian – Expedition Lead (super hero)

Who’s this trip for?

– Paddlers of all abilities who are passionate about protecting our environment.
– A fitness level to cover 10-15km a day.
– Experience of camping and happy to live with basic facilities. 

If you would like to discuss any of the above requirements,  please get in touch with Erin at Evoke Adventure

Dates 2021 TBC 

Limited Spaces Available!

*optional retreat workshops see below for details

Blue Health Adventure

Evoke Adventure and the Blue Health Coaching ethos that Clare subscribes to are all about connecting people with wild water environments.  

“We protect what we love, but we only love what we understand and only understand what we learn”

– Jacques Cousteau

It is our  mission share the blue spaces and wild waters we love in the hope you will join us in protecting it. With that in mind, this year Clare is offering an add-on to the adventure so that you can take advantage of her coaching and mindful / blue health coach skills.  Details below… you won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Adventure, Environment and Wellbeing

Connecting with wild water has the ability to clear your mind and allow you to truly reflect on what is important.  It humbles us and reminds us that we are only temporarily here on this blue planet, a small part of the big ecosystem of life on earth.

Modern life is busy and stressful and puts us into what blue mind coaches call ‘red mind’.  Red mind state is when we are in our head, lost in our thoughts or our technology and disconnected from our body… not noticing all that is around us – sounds familiar right!?

Clare is offering YOU the opportunity to arrive early and leave late for the expedition to shake off your red mind and get into your chilled out blue space.  To set you up so that you can personally get more out of the week, out of your usual environment, maybe even out of your usual ‘comfort zone’ and finding your limits.

She is offering two workshops to help you get into blue mind thinking, to find your freedom, declutter your mind and have time to reflect.  You will enjoy some mindfulness practice and go home with tips to establish or renew your own practice. Also the opportunity to set down some realistic actions towards whatever goals you want to work on. 

All coaching and mindfulness is in a group setting, content free and in a safe space so no need to share your deep thoughts if you choose not to.


Blue Mindfulness Retreat, date tbc

​An introduction to mindfulness and blue health – the benefits of being around water and mindful breathing.  Helping you to move from ‘red mind’ to ‘blue mind’.  

Create space for creativity and new ideas to arise during your week on the waterways.   This is an opportunity to leave your rubbish behind.  To focus on yourself and take time to settle and connect with the beautiful Broads.

Clare will give you mindfulness, blue health and coaching tools which (should you choose to) you can build on duing the week ahead.  This includes a journal for you to keep a record of your journey and to refer back to those ‘ah ha’ moments on the water.  

Clare will guide you through some visualisations to ground you into the present, set your watery intentions and use metaphor to inspire deep change.

We often have our best ideas on holiday because you are relaxed, often by water and allow the usual busy mind chatter to dissipate.  Chade-Meng Tan – Google’s happiness leader established that just one mindful breath taken for six seconds creates a shift in our neurology that improves focus, clarity, performance and wellbeing. If six seconds can achieve that, imagine what 3 minutes a day could achieve! He uses the analogy of the deep ocean:

“The surface is choppy but the bottom is very calm. If you’re able to go deep inside, you can access that calmness and exist in a world where you can be calm and in action at the same time.”

£tbc pp

9.30 – 12.30 – snacks and tea included 

Min 4 participants.

Just F**king Go Workshop, date tbc

Inspired by Jason Silva – ‘You have to go there to know there’.

You have just spent a week creating amazing memories and sparkly blue emotions. So why rush off when you can truly embed those feelings,  take them home with you and access them at will.  Sounds like crazy magic right?? … and what if its not!?

Thursday we will have an evening of sharing stories and reflections around the campfire, anchoring that awesome sense of achievement. 

On Friday morning we will reflect on our week and then work through whatever has come up. 

A workshop of goal setting – positive affirmations and creativity.  You will go home with a clear plan for whatever goal you want to work on.  And a Life on My Terms Freedom Plan!

Once we realize the extraordinary power we have to compose our lives, we’ll move from passive, conditioned thinking to being co-creators of our fate.

Jason Silva

Friday workshop 9.30-12.00

£tbc pp

Includes extra night camping will full equipment, snacks and tea/coffee.

Min 4 participants

*Book both workshops together for a discounted rate of £TBC*

**Book before XXX to get the whole package and the expedition for £TBC)**

What’s Included in the Expedition?

– Highly qualified sea kayak guide.
– All kayaking equipment.
– Cooking Equipment.
– Tents.
– Campsite.
– Broads kayak toll.
– Optional transfer from Worstead train station.

What’s not included 

– Travel to Worstead.
– Food.

Cost of Expedition £tbc


I launched the #PaddleCleanup campaign after taking part in an expedition to paddle the width of England in 2017.  I instantly understood how paddlers have a unique access to the waterways and remote beaches and wanted to empower paddlers to lead the way on and off the water.

Nature, water, friends, fun and helping the planet – whats not to like about doing a Paddle Cleanup!?

The best way to get into beautiful parts of our waterways and make a huge impact by cleaning it up while you there.

Anyone can join in!  I am a new paddler, its a perfect activity for nature connection, contemplation, meditation, fun, laughs and getting up close and personal with the bodies of water that feed our oceans and in turn the air we breathe.


Past Expeditions

Paddle Cleanup Scottish Summer Isles 2019

In May 2019 we took to the open ocean and put our sea kayaks into the waters they are truly designed for. We cleaned up remote beaches in the Summer Isles in Northern Scotland.  Over one week we cleaned 8 beaches with the help of Kayak Summer Isles who are also responsible for some of the epic photos of that trip. We collected almost 5 tonnes of waste on those 8 beaches and 80 % of that was waste from industrial fishing industry.  

Featured in: Daily Express / Daily Mirror / BBC Scotland / BBC Sussex / Highland Times / Paddler Magazine

Paddle Pickup Length of Wales 2018

In 2018, Erin Bastian led us on another epic journey, this time we paddled the length of Wales (despite never actually touching Wales).  We set off from Ellesmere Port and finished in Sharpness.  This time we worked with the Canal and River Trust and we again found epic amounts of waste reflecting our supermarket shelves and daily lives.

How do you know your rubbish isnt polluting the ocean?Top tips for repurposing your Paddle Cleanup rubbish / Equipment needed to Paddle Cleanup / How to turn river rubbish into sustainable catwalk fashion / Top five take aways from paddling the length of Wales

Featured in: BBC North West / BBC Radio Gloucestershire / The Argus / The Daily Mail / Canal and River Trust

Paddle Pickup width of England 2017

This was a world first female only expedition to paddle 300km from Coast to Coast the whole width of England. The original idea came from Erin Bastian and Bex Band and the kayak expertise provided by Erin’s company Evoke Adventure.

It didnt take long for me to realise there wasnt a plan for the waste we collected and so I took over the conservation element and the rest is history so to speak!

So where is the rubbish now? 

Featured in: Observer Magazine / Evening Standard / The Argus / Twickenham and Richmond Times / British Canoeing

Join our community

Join the Paddle Cleanup / Paddle For Plastic Facebook Group to share and find tips and advice.  What did you find? Share your photos.  What did you do with the waste?  What did you learn? Find out how to win a marine recycled kayak.

Turning Your Passion into a Sustainable Business: Rob Thompson

Turning Your Passion into a Sustainable Business: Rob Thompson

Season Two of the Clare Talks Rubbish Podcast Launches today. Episode 1 is with innovator an award winning Rob Thompson of Odyssey Innovation. Rob has created the world's first ever marine recycled kayak and is moving on to make even more products with his new marine...

5 Take Aways From Paddling the Length of Wales

5 Take Aways From Paddling the Length of Wales

The only thing that separates you from someone who is doing what you want to do is time!  Start spending time doing the things that you want to do and eventually you will be that person too!  Sounds too easy right?  It IS that easy though.

How do you know your rubbish isn’t polluting the ocean?

How do you know your rubbish isn’t polluting the ocean?

It is time that manufacturers started to design products with the end in mind. If brands like Lush and Patagonia can make huge profits with sustainable values there is no reason why others can’t follow.

Tweet your actions to me using #BeAPlasticDisruptor

Where is the rubbish now?

Where is the rubbish now?

Walking into the prestigious Royal Geographical Society in London with bags of river rubbish was an experience I can’t say I ever thought I would have in life!