Brighton Recycling Unpicked with Green Centre Founder Melanie Rees

It is VERY important that you follow instructions for your recycling as contamination causes HUGE problems….. “ Says Melanie. 

Brighton Recycling

Brighton Recycling is a hot topic.  I often hear ‘rants’ about the bins overflowing and complaints about what is or isn’t recycled in our city.  What is often overlooked is that in Brighton and Hove we have more options to recycle than anywhere else I know of.  We also have more zero waste shops per head in our city, so we arent doing too badly really!

Indeed accross the Green Centre, Magpie and City Clean over 60 different materials are recycled! I am also not aware of any other city that has a community recycling centre like the Green Centre.  Nor have I ever met anyone else who has dedicated 2 days a week for 13 years of their life to the community in quite a spectacular way as Melanie Rees has.

Who is Melanie Rees?

I recently caught up with Melanie in her home in Hove. An ex Head Teacher in special needs schools who I believe was also responsible for opening a chain of schools to support such needs.  An Asian Tsunami survivor and founder of the Brighton Green Centre, Oceans 8 Brighton and numerous other grass roots projects.  If that isn’t enough, Melanie also founded Day For Change, a national non-uniform day which is now run by UNICEF and is their most successful fundraiser to date.  In its first year, Melanie raised £57,000.00 for water pumps in Sudan with just the help of her student volunteers. All while also battling the incurable immune system illness, Lupus.

The Green Centre Brighton

The Green Centre is a grass roots environmental project focused on activities centered around One Planet Living which Melanie still runs along with a dedicated team of volunteers.  It will soon be on the move as the Green Centre Bus will launch this year (hopefully!).

Melanie is one of those humble yet uber inspiring people that just quietly gets on with changing the world one step at a time.  I feel totally honoured to be in the Oceans 8 group founded by her.   Melanie is an expert in facilitating groups of diverse people and gives up her time to help the planet asking for nothing in return. 

I am learning from her daily and hope to continue to do so.  We all have things to learn from all the people around us and by working together we can do so humbly.

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