One thing I have learnt is important to me is to live in the moment and to connect with my natural surroundings.  Something easier said than done especially in every day life. I find that on expedition it is challenging enough to paddle and sort plastic and if I was to write a blog daily or be an uber social media whizz then I would miss something so apologies for the radio silence but I find it hard to keep updated while on expedition.  I am not sure how others do it but hats off to them.  Leg 2 was tough.  I really felt all the aches, bumps and bruises as well as the itchy scratchy mosquito bite infestation.  Who knew they were so bitey in this country!  My hands were creaking and stiff, my shoulders aching… sigh! But, that is what adventure is all about right?  You hit tough patches and you battle through.   Oddly, these challenges are what make it fun.  I never thought I would be doing things like this.  At school I would make up excuses to get out of sporting events.  But school was a long time ago now. I have learned, perhaps the hard way, that in life that person you look to and think ‘I wish I could do that’, it is only you stopping you from actually doing it.  These adventures, conservation trips, active holidays (whatever you want to call them), are far more about pushing your perspectives as to your ability than actual physical limitation.   This is something I learnt recently from spending time with people who adventure a lot and from my time training as a coach.  The only thing that separates you from someone who is doing what you want to do is time!  Start spending time doing the things that you want to do and eventually you will be that person too!  Sounds too easy right?  It IS that easy though.  To be a true pro, you need to have spent 10,000 hours working on that thing.  So I have set my self a personal challenge to record the time I spend on changing my life.  I’ll write a specific blog about that soon but in the meantime, I challenge you to do the same. What is it that you really want to work towards? Start recording the hours you spend working towards that goal. If you need more guidance on goal setting and deciding your direction stay tuned as I’ll be writing guidance in the weeks to come. And so Leg two passed with a few internal challenges.  Having the odd word with myself to keep going.  It is tough to constantly be excited about stinky rubbish but I just remind myself why I am doing it, think of the plastic I see on dives and the creatures I have seen suffering and I soon find a re-ignition.   Spending all your time with no personal space can also be pretty challenging.  I have always been a very private person and so need to find space to withdraw every now and then.  I find the tired moments are when anxiety slips in too and for someone who battles mental health challenges these can be quite dark moments but thankfully I now have my own set of self coaching tools to enable me to reframe my negative thoughts.  The point is, you can find a moment to yourself anywhere if you look within and take note of the present moment.   For me, on this trip I would take a moment to drop back or paddle forward of the group and immerse myself in the wonders of the natural environment around me.  The patterns my paddle makes on the water, the sound of water, the smells of spring, the birds in the sky who were often working together to protect their babies from soaring prey, the oh so adorable duckings and the damsel flies dancing about on the water sparkling blue in the spring sun.  Sounds pretty idyllic?  It truely was. Ok there is the odd bit of manky human detritus to pick up here and there but that is just a reminder of why we are here doing what we are doing.