Integral Eye Movement Therapy

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)


IEMT is an effective form of therapy used for issues such as anxiety, anger management, depression, stress, relationship issues and a range of psychosomatic issues including tinnitus and psoriasis.

It is not a therapy that involves diving into the story of the issue and is therefore useful for people who dont want to re-live their past traumas.   As a therapist I am looking for how you learnt to feel this way and how you learnt to be this way.

IEMT works by teaching resources and skills inside the problem state, enabling you to recode past negative experiences so that they no longer cause you issues.

Session Structure:

Sessions can be done online or in person on the beach as part of a coaching experience.

Initially I will send you a  detailed intake form to complete, to establish that there are no contraindications and to get some background of the issue.  This also saves time in the session and so gives more value to you when we meet face to face.

The initial session is usually 90 minutes and subsequent sessions 60 minutes.

I do also blend IEMT into my coaching sessions as and where appropriate to do so. Should you be interested in coaching as well as IEMT then you might want to look at my coaching packages here.


My sessions are usually £60 each however I am currently offering new clients the following:

£40 intro offer for the first session

£150 for a block of 4 sessions (to be used within a 3 month period).

This is a limited time offer as recognition that there are many whose finances and wellbeing have been affected by Covid-19.

Key Workers can also benefit from a further 10% discount on production of a valid form of ID.

Please get in touch to book an appointment.