I Sea Change

I Sea Change


Do you want to live a live you love sustainably?  What is preventing you from getting there?  Get in touch to start your journey onto the fulfilled life you deserve, today.

I launched Sea Change because I have moved my life from sitting behind a desk dreaming, to living a life I love and I wanted to share the tools and skills I learnt along the way.  Sea Change is also how I support the Clare Talks Rubbish work that I do and enables me to do more discounted or free talks in order to promote positive change to those who cant otherwise access relevant guidance and tools.  So by working with me, you are not only helping yourself (which is super important!),  you are also helping to spread the ripple effect of positive change.  Winning! 

I am a qualified life coach, NLP Practitioner, Time Based Techniques Practitioner and soon to be NLP master practitioner and mindfulness leader.  I am an accredited practitioner with the ANLP and you can find my profile here. 

1:1 Coaching

I know that we can get over all the excuses of no money, not the right time, I am too old blah blah blah.  I know because they are things I used to tell myself.  I now have time for all the adventures I want to go on and live a live I love in a sustainable way.

Do you love the sound of being able to live a life on your terms or want to feel in control of your own destiny? Whatever your dream life looks like for you I can help you get there.  

Get in touch for a free exploration session.

I know Clare personally and have witnessed, in awe, how she has completely reinvented herself in the past two years. When Clare offered me coaching (including NLP) during a very difficult chapter in my life, I jumped at the chance. Clare is gifted in coaching. She has helped me to crystalise the changes I needed to make to my work schedule. I felt very stuck in a rut, not knowing how or where to begin. Yet after just two hours together we put in place the first steps and Clare gave me the tools to commit to the plan. Immediately, my procrastination, self doubt and fear transformed into confidence and action. I have great faith in Clare and look forward to booking my next session with her when it’s time for me to take the next steps.

Brighton Yoga Teacher

Sea Change Explorations

We create community-led experiences that empower people to become the authors of their own stories.  We believe that to live a full life, we NEED connection, to feel as though we are part of something and that we are a contribution.  We create opportunities for individuals and teams to realise their full potential, to come together to create a wave of change.

Events to be announced shortly.

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