Episode 3:  Harriett’s of Hove Plastic Free Pantry.

This episode finds me sitting on the floor of the stock room at Harriet’s of Hove: Plastic Free Pantry with the super inspiring shop owner and NHS Sustainability Ambassador Harriet.  We talk about sustainability in healthcare, plastic free July, changing your life and following your passion.  I couldn’t believe that Harriet still does her 12 hour nursing shifts whilst running a zero waste shop business.  I was fascinated to hear her story about juggling life as a nurse and a shop owner.  She is a true inspiration for showing what is possible if you set your heart and mind to something.  I asked her what sustainable healthcare looks like.  She tells me about the amazing whale mural in the shop and how talking to it keeps her sane???!!!

It is the first shop I have seen that sells refillable beer and loads of other novel and exciting things! 

If you are in Brighton and Hove definitely pop in for an experience that for me is so much more than a zero waste shop, but a community hub and a friendly face. 

Harriet says “It is all about millions of people doing it imperfectly rather than a few doing it perfectly.”


Find out about the shop here:

Shop Website 





Harriet mentions the following in her conversation: 

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