Ocean Advocacy

The Ocean is not an optional extra for us… We are 70% water, the ocean provides 80% of the oxygen in the air we breathe and supplies protein and livelihoods to millions of people globally.  It is a sanctuary, a place we gather with friends and family, where we holiday, a healing and calming environment and a place we go to to reset and refresh… and yet we have plundered it, disrespected it and treated it as our rubbish dump.

Despite covering over 70% of our planet, so little is taught in schools, many are disconnected from it and as a result it is only those who explore it or who fall in love with the creatures in it that take action.  My mission is now  to bring the vitamin sea to you…

We only protect what we love, we only love what we understand, and we only understand what we are taught” Jacques Cousteau

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My Projects:

Talks and Workshops

I deliver keynote talks and workshops to inspire positive change.  I use the stories of adventures, beach cleans and my corporate and life experience to empower sustainable choices.  I can work with you to deliver bespoke workshops for team development, finding sustainable solutions, and mindfullness.  I have worked with schools, national and international organisations and businesses.  These can be delivered online.


Clare Talks Rubbish Podcast

Join me for a series of conversations with every day heroes who are pioneering positive change.  We’re redefining what’s possible.


Paddle Cleanup

After running the conservation and outreach efforts for 3 groundbreaking paddle expeditions, I was comissioned to create a toolkit for British Canoeing to empower paddlers nationwide to clean up the water ways.  I can arrange for your team to join me for a workshop and paddle cleanup or a beach clean.  Evoke Adventure and I occasionally run expeditions to do a clean up, please get in touch to discuss this option.


Content Creating

I have been on a journey  from the corporate world, into conservation outreach and expeditions then a pivot to coaching.  I have met and learnt from experts in plastic pollution solutions and leading adventures that raise awareness of global issues and solutions.  I have been a busy unhealthy corporate office worker and have both failed and succeeded at launching my own business for good.  I write about the lessons I learnt and the advice I received along the way.   

Oceans 8 Brighton

Oceans 8 Brighton is a co-operative consultancy partnership of Brighton and Hove based women who are leading the way for ocean plastic solutions.  We have over 100 years of experience in waste solutions and are available for consultancy, media expertise, corporate events and public speaking.   Due to my involvement with Oceans 8 Brighton, I have access to a wealth of experience and mentorships that can help you with your personal journey into Conscious Leadership.  

British Canoeing Ambassador

I was honoured to be chosen as one of the first Women’s Paddle Ambassadors for British Canoeing.  I took up paddle sports at the cusp of 40 and so am living proof that you can start at any point in life, (there are ambassadors older than me who are also new paddlers).  It isnt just paddling that you can start at any time in life!  There isn’t a ‘too late’, only excuses and personally erected barriers to avoid the ‘fear of failing’ or whatever else you are allowing to get in your way.

Paddling enables me to get into the wilderness, to reconnect with myself and nature and has enabled me to do things I never ever thought I was capable of.  It is a great way to calm your mind and find a place of stillness and creativity.


Incredible Oceans

I continue to work with Incredible Oceans (IO)  the organisation that inspired the biggst shifts in my life to date.  Via IO I discovered that people really can create a life by following their passion.

IO use the combined power of culture, science and charismatic marine life to grab hearts and minds and bring about a sea change in the way we relate to our oceans.

A partnership organisation with a legion of volunteers from all arenas, they team up with scientists, creatives, community organisations, campaigners, companies and broadcast media. IO devise events and education that highlight problems, showcase solutions, and help us all become more ocean literate.




As featured in the upcoming documentary 'Plastic Britain : One Our Watch'.  Watch the trailer here.

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