Ocean Advocacy

It is so important to connect with the natural world as we are so inherently connected with it and yet modern life has created such a disconnect.  To protect our blue planet we need to understand the intrinsic health benefits that it provides us.  We all know that amazing feeling after a day out in the fresh air.  Studies have suggested when that outside space involves water the benefits are increased.  I hope to inspire others to love the ocean like I do and in turn want to protect it.

Talks and Workshops

I deliver keynote talks and workshops to inspire positive change.  I use the stories of adventures, beach cleans and my corporate and life experience to empower sustainable choices.  I can work with you to deliver bespoke workshops for team development, finding sustainable solutions, mindfullness and connecting with nature.  I have worked with schools, national and international organisations and businesses.


Clare Talks Rubbish Podcast

Join me for a series of conversations with every day heroes who are pioneering positive change.  We’re redefining what’s possible.


Paddle Cleanup

I launched the #PaddleCleanup campaign after taking part in an expedition to paddle the with of England in 2017.  I instantly understood how paddlers have a unique access to the waterways and remote beaches and wanted to empower paddlers to lead the way on and off the water.  I do this via day trips, expeditions with #PaddleCleanup co-founder Erin Bastian of Evoke Adventure and have worked with National Sea Scouts Leaders and British Canoeing to give them toolkits to carry out their own #PaddleCleanup.


Content Creating

I write about plastic pollution and solutions, connecting with and helping the natural world, living more in line with our calling, adventure, kayaking, scuba diving, wellbeing, sustainable travel, adventure, beach cleaning, sustainability in work and at home and so much more….

Oceans 8 Brighton 

Oceans 8 Brighton is a co-operative consultancy partnership of Brighton and Hove based women who are leading the way for ocean plastic solutions.  We have over 100 years of experience in waste solutions and are available for consultancy, media expertise, corporate events and public speaking.   

British Canoeing Ambassador

I was honoured to be chosen as one of the first Women’s Paddle Ambassadors for British Canoeing.  I took up paddle sports at the cusp of 40 and so am living proof that you can start at any point in life, (there are ambassadors older than me who are also new paddlers). Paddling enables me to get into the wilderness, to reconnect with myself and nature and has enabled me to do things I never ever thought I was capable of.


Incredible Oceans

I am proud to be the campaign manager for Incredible Oceans (IO) who aim to use the combined power of culture, science and charismatic marine life to grab hearts and minds and bring about a sea change in the way we relate to our oceans.

A partnership organisation with a legion of volunteers from all arenas, they team up with scientists, creatives, community organisations, campaigners, companies and broadcast media. IO devise events and education that highlight problems, showcase solutions, and help us all become more ocean literate.



Inspiring people to get outside, connect with nature and discover their full potential.

To redefine what’s possible, together.

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