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Coach and Ocean Advocate: My Story

In 2017 I left a sucessful legal career as an unhappy lawyer who felt trapped by my mortgage and the investment I made in my 15 years in the legal profession.  I was glued to my office chair by super-fear, waiting for that perfect moment when I had ‘enough money’, a ‘better relationship’, ‘more skills’, ‘ more time’, ‘maybe I’m now too old’ etc etc…

I was on the verge of burnout when I left my stable job with zero plan, a broken marriage, nowhere to live and recovering from the trauma of almost losing my Mum following a two month stint on life support.

I am not telling you this for any sympathy vote, just to highlight that I left with all of those excuses you have conjured up in your imagination happening to me in reality and I still SUCCEEDED!

I am not going to lie, it has been hard work; involved a huge amount of flexibility and thinking outside the box; and required investment in my mind, body and business.

My Background

I had no clue what I wanted to do when I was younger, nor through most of my adult life.  I studied Sociology at University, which at the time didn’t leave me with many clear career options so I got a call centre job while I figured it out.  The monotony of that job forced me to take stock and after some backpacking I went back to University to do a law conversion.  It didn’t take me long to feel out of place in the legal profession.  The rigidity of the corporate environment left me feeling grey, drained, stressed and tired.  But I was good at my job and felt trapped after investing years of time and money into training, and so 15 years on, I was still in the profession.

My work had no real meaning to me and I was suffering from low level depression, living an unhealthy lifestyle and partaking in too many weekend excesses to numb the realities of life. I would love to say that I was at a crossroads and I had an epiphany but sadly I had to wait for a massive trauma to bulldoze me before I recognised the situation I was in.  

Tipping Point

One day at work I got a message from my mum to say she had been blue lighted to hospital, but not to worry as she’s fine.  She was far from fine and it marked the start of a 4 month nightmare not knowing if she would live or die. It was in this time of crisis that I started to learn about my inner strength and our true capabilities as human beings.  Also a massive wake up call about the fragility and briefness of life.  And so I made a decision to start to face my demons, deal with my sh*t and find my happy. Oh and my Mum is now fine, phew!

So, I quit my job, threw lots of balls in the air and set about looking for my happy.  From that day on my life changed forever. I took up kayaking thanks to Erin Bastian and since then I have paddled the width of England, length of Wales, remote Scottish Islands, and Arctic Norway among others. These adventures and time with the water and nature helped me to grow and I realised how adventure and nature connection can also help us. 

Ocean Advocate

Be Clear On Your Why

The water and travel have always been a big part of my life.  After volunteering on a turtle conservation project in Costa Rica I wanted to do more.  Back home in Brighton, I found Whalefest and with that found a tribe of people following their passion for the ocean, for conservation and for a better world and my eyes were opened to a wealth of opportunity.  I knew I had to do something that was in line with my values of caring about people and the planet and follow my passion for travel, connection and blue (wild water) spaces.

Clare Talks Coach and Ocean Advocate

You Only Have One Life : Live It

At first it was chaotic because I had my fingers in so many pies and still didn’t really have a plan.  I knew I wanted to learn more about the tools and techniques that had helped me to get through such a dark period in my life and so I started to learn more about NLP, IEMT and coaching and from there on it all fell into place. I started to grow my knowledge and practice figuring out how conservation and the ocean would play a role in my coaching ethos along the way. I realised that I needed to work on clearing out my internal rubbish away before I could create the external world I desired.  Then I got myself a coach and progress sky rocketed from then on.  My journey is forever developing and progressing but I now know I have the right tools for success.  I just wish I knew all this much earlier in life!

Change Creators

After building a network of inspiring people making a difference, I know that anyone can be a facilitator of positive change.  The only thing that held me back was belief and out dated patterns and mindset. It is my mission to help others to overcome their fears and step into their power, implement and grow their ideas and join the community!

And so…

If the person who, in her first job was too scared to ask where the stationary cupboard was… can now stand in front of a room full of people to deliver talks;

the ‘non-sporty’ person who avoided sports day like the plague… can paddle the Width of Britain, Length of Wales and remote Scottish Isles and become an ambassador for British Canoeing;

the person brought up on oil money with know real education about the issues petrolium has on the enviromnent … can become a plastic aware conservationist; and

the unhappy unhealthy lawyer who doesnt believe in ‘hippy nonsense’ can give up booze for a year and embrace meditation and wellbeing …


The key?  Get rid of the rubbish! Clear that unhelpful crap out of your head, your life, your environment and focus on what truly matters…. YOU!

Be the change you want to see