Brighton Life Coach

One Planet

Learning more about the issues facing the environment lead me to the realisation that there is a huge missing link – communications. A lot of activists focus on the disasters that we seem to be hurtling towards, corporates play down the problems and twist science in their favour or adopt greenwashing (release one good campaign ignoring their larger footprint). Environmentalism seems rife with competition and not collaboration, with reinventing the wheel so that the next person can stamp their ego on the next big fix.

Creating a platform for sharing the reality of the unsexy solutions allows you to get involved. My work empowers collaboration, shapes and guides projects and makes real change today – putting you right at the heart of the solution. Going one step further than that … I take you beyond ‘knowing what to do’ to actually embedding and embodying lasting change.

Our deeper identities, engrained habits, worries and beliefs shape our actions. This is why we cant look at ‘One Planet’ in isolation. To create the lasting changes we want to see in our external landscapes, it must always involve an element of your inner landscape and your deeper purpose.


One Life

If you were living your life today exactly as it is in 5 years would you be happy? If not, what are you doing to get to the you that you want to be in 5 years? If you are living in ‘one day‘ mentality, know that you will stay there until YOU change something! I was stuck for years, limited by my own stories of lack. Then after over 15 years in the legal profession I decided that there must be more to life than the 9-5 hamster wheel and so I flipped the story from ‘one day’ to ‘day one’.

Watching my mum hit the brink of life and death and return gave me a wake up call – life is short. Volunteering taught me how transferrable my skills were. Going through my own personal development journey reminded me how important our mindset and our routines and habits are for success. Taking up kayaking in my 40s brought me back to our interconnectedness with nature and how vital it is that we spend time in it and protect it.

Ocean Advocate

I have been lucky enough to have travelled to over 40 countries, to have lived in 3 and to have worked on some amazing conservation projects. I had learnt how amazing it feels to give back and I needed to have more of that in my professional life. I wanted to create a career that enabled me to live and work anywhere, and I am doing exactly that!

I now use this platform to share the knowledge I have learnt along the way and how I reframed my fears into actions and growth.

Whatever you need to fall in love with life and to be the change you want to see in the world then reach out. Together we can.

One You

It is really easy to want to do everything especially when fuelled by a passion to do good. ‘Giving back’ can also be a hugely healing and powerful force in recovery from the stresses and traumas of life.

BUT… we cannot pour from an empty cup, taking care of you first is vital and I learnt this the hard way. As a lawyer I was so conscientious that I worked myself to the point of burnout and I did the same when I threw myself into environmental work, with the overwhelm of global issues stacked on top of that! Stopping, as counterintuitive as it may feel, can give you the perspective you need to find the right answer, the one that is embodied and not necessarily the first one your rational / intellectual brain comes up with.

By taking care of self, by being kind to ourselves we can find the childlike curiosity we tend to bury later in life. Often it is this place that holds the true gold. The gems of wisdom that lead us out of all of our fears and anxieties and into truly impactful actions both in our own lives and beyond.

Be the change you want to see