Clare Talks MINDFUL coaching

Clare Talks Mindful Coaching

Why wouldnt you want to live a life you love sustainably?!  So, what is preventing you from getting there?  Often busyness and overwhelm get in the way of our true goals and dreams.  Taking time out to work on yourself gives you the space to figure out your true priorities.  Then you can get on the right path and set achievable goals to create that awesome life balance you dreamed of!

I work with teams and individuals to create positive change, using an extensive toolkit of processes and advice for living and working sustainably and building better relationships with ourselves and others.  I use my adventure stories to encourage people to live outside the status quo, to push boundaries for personal growth and create fun and engaging workshops and team / community experiences.

Get in touch to start your journey onto the fulfilled life you deserve, today.

I am a qualified life and mindfulness coach, NLP Practitioner, Time Based Techniques Practitioner and soon to be NLP master practitioner and mindfulness leader.  I am an accredited practitioner with the ANLP and you can find my profile here. 

1:1 Coaching

Do you love the sound of being able to live a life on your terms or want to feel in control of your own destiny? Whatever your dream life looks like for you I can help you get there, or help you create that vision if you dont already have it.

By investing in yourself you can truely ‘be’ who you want to be.  Yes, you do need to put in some work too but I will be there to hold a safe space for you and help you along the way.  

For a free half hour session so that you can learn more about me and how work and how I can help you please drop me an email or contact me below.  Standard sessions are between 60-90 minutes and are currently £60 per session or £200 if you book a block of 4. I can conduct these in person in Brighton and Hove or remotely on Skype / Zoom.

“Follow your bliss and doors will open where previously there were only walls” Joseph Campbell

Clare Talks Explorations and Eco Adventures

We create experiences that empower people to become the authors of their own stories.  We believe that to live a full life, we NEED connection, to feel as though we are part of something and that we are a contribution.  We create opportunities for individuals and teams to realise their full potential, to come together to create a wave of change.

Working alongside Oceans 8 Consultants, Evoke Adventure and Pier 2 Pier Brighton, as well as delivering our own retreats and experiences.

Past events and workshops

Head over to my Clare Talking page for testamonials from schools and businesses that I have worked with to date.  Also for a list of specific topics that. I can deliver on.

Events to be announced shortly.

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Clare is a wonderful practitioner, working with so much compassion and empathy. She has helped me make lasting change in my life and has helped me trust myself which is huge. I would highly recommend her coaching to anybody.

Mat, Eastbourne

I know Clare personally and have witnessed, in awe, how she has completely reinvented herself in the past two years. When Clare offered me coaching (including NLP) during a very difficult chapter in my life, I jumped at the chance. Clare is gifted in coaching. She has helped me to crystalise the changes I needed to make to my work schedule. I felt very stuck in a rut, not knowing how or where to begin. Yet after just two hours together we put in place the first steps and Clare gave me the tools to commit to the plan. Immediately, my procrastination, self doubt and fear transformed into confidence and action. I have great faith in Clare and look forward to booking my next session with her when it’s time for me to take the next steps.

Brighton Yoga Teacher

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