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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”


Clare Talks is relaunching elsewhere.  I am still taking on clients but am undergoing a rebrand while I realign with my wild ocean soul.  These pages are therefore not up to date so please contact me to discuss how I can support you best. 

What is a Hope Ambassador?

I am here to restore hope and empower you to find meaning.  

I was lost, midlife wondering if that was all there was to life.  I was living outside of my values and denying my happiness.  It took a massive trauma for me to take stock and pivot my  life.  I have since tried and failed at several businesses, succeeded in others, found meaning in protecting the oceans, created impact in groundbreaking expeditions and then sat back to figure out how I can use that to empower others.  

HOPE was the thing that got me through trauma, it is the thing that gets me through the days now.  Hope and fear are contagious… I know which I would rather spread.  

Create waves

If you want more hope, meaning and purpose in your life then get in touch.  I can help you to find all those within yourself, to see that you can change more than you thing, there are plenty of options and all lead to more happiness, more fulfilment and ultimately the success that you are longing for.  With that success comes creating an impact because I only work with people who care about the planet and who care about their impact on the people around them and their natural environment.

Hope, Purpose & Impact

Having the accountability and support of a coach over a period of time will speed up your success and get you the results you want faster.  Together we will unearth what holds you back, rekindle  your passion and realign with  your  core values.  I will help you to navigate  the path  ahead with  clear goals and strategies for success. My coaching programme is bespoke, focussed entirely on what you need and what comes up for you. Get in touch to discuss your requirments and how we can work together.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy

IEMT can create huge emotional shifts in a short number of sessions and often in areas where other modes of therapy have not been effective. It is useful for all sorts of unhelpful emotions and patterns including anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, PTS, trauma and many other emotional blocks. It is one of many tools I use as there is never a ‘one size fits all solution’.  It often helps to clear the overwhelm so we can then work on creating a strategy for true purpose and get creating that real impact.

Groups and Events

Clare Talks is available to speak at schools, corporates and events about a range of topics.  Topics include plastic pollution solutions, sustainability, ocean wisdom and mindfulness by the sea (using mindfulness and blue mind to help your business become more profitable).  I also work collaboratively  to run corporate beach  cleans and team building ‘away days’.

Mindfulness by the Sea

Relax and refresh into Blue Mind.  Join the regular group sessions or book a 1:1

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My qualifications

I have a Batchelors Degree in Solciology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Law, a Commendation from the College of Law as well as having qualified and practiced in the profession for over 15 years.  As a coach I am accretited by and governed by the ethics of the Association for NLP Practitioners (ANLP) and the Association for Integral Eye Movement Therapy (AIEMT).  I am trained in:

- NLP Practitioner

- NLP Coach

- Mindfulness Coach

- Time Based Techniques Practitioner


- Blue Health Coach

It is my life experience though that means that I can truely understand and help you.  Learn more about my story here.


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