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Conversations with everyday heroes who are pioneering positive change for the environment.

We’re redefining what’s possible.

Stories of ordinary people who have become every day heroes by just deciding to take simple actions.  They generously share their knowledge with inspiring stories, tips and advice. We know that they will inspire you to create your own ripple effect.

This is so much more than stories about the environment and living sustainably. It is overcoming struggles, internally and in our community. People who are living outside the box and challenging the status quo.

Podcast host Clare:

“I am totally inspired by the actions of individuals.  Changemakers and inspirational do-ers aren’t superhumans, they just didnt wait for someone else to take action.

I know that we can all live a life we love in a sustainable way.  These stories inspired me and I’m certain they will start off that ripple effect for you too.”

There’s no lecturing, guilt shaming or expectation of perfection, just simple ideas to inspire you to live the life you deserve.

We need your help!

Please tune in, subscribe, review and comment .  The reviews and comments help others to find our Hero’s stories.  We also truely welcome your feedback, do email us with constructive asks.

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Podcast Episode 1: Who is Clare Talks Rubbish?

I'm on a mission to inspire others to live a life you love sustainably, but who am I?! Find out who is Clare Talks Rubbish!  In this episode I lay myself bare and tell my story of how I transitioned from an unhappy lawyer to living the life I love in a sustainable...