Stories of ordinary people who have become every day heroes by just deciding to take simple actions.

Conversations with Change Creators

Entrepreneurs and Conscious Leaders who are pioneering sustainable practices and sharing their story and their expertise.

These amazing humans share their stories, their advice lessons and failures.  The Clare Talks Rubbish Podcast was born from a desire to share insights of the inspiring people I have met on my journey.  I am honored that it is now also hosted by Eco-Action Families.  Go and check out their work here.

Podcast host Clare:

“I am totally inspired by the actions of individuals.  Changemakers and inspirational do-ers aren’t superhumans, they just didnt wait for someone else to take action.

I know that we can all live a life we love in a sustainable way.  There are some mindset tips and useful habits to learn from those who have already carved their paths.  These stories inspired me, made me realise that I too can make a difference and I’m certain they will start off that ripple effect for you too.”

The Modern Milkman

The Modern Milkman

The Modern Milkman: Can technology save the planet? After watching the Blue Planet 2 episode with the sperm whale baby eating the plastic bucket, Paul White and three of his friends decided that they needed to be a part of the solution.   With a background in farming...