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Coach, NLP Practitioner, Environmentalist, Explorer, Speaker and Marine Debris Expert.

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I quit a successful legal career two years ago to follow my passion for the ocean and wellbeing. I have since paddled both the width of Britain and the Length of Wales fishing rubbish out of our waterways to raise awareness about plastic pollution.

I have just finished a project with the National Sea Scout Leaders to give them the tools to mobilise young paddlers across the country to paddle cleanup and take the message about sustainable solutions into their communities on and off the water. I am now working on a similar project with British Canoeing, and work with schools, businesses and individuals to reduce waste and help achieve a mindset shift towards sustainable practices.

This year I plan to take on my biggest challenge yet, to paddle the whole Welsh Coast, remote beach cleaning along the way.

In Spring 2019 I am launching my Talk Rubbish Podcast showcasing solutions for living a life that is not rubbish via adventures, campaigners and life stories. This will start with a series of interviews of the Oceans 8 Brighton women and their various projects around Sussex. I have already recorded a couple of episodes and am super excited about the lineup of inspiring activists, adventurers and doers.

All too often the people who have true passion to help our planet get overlooked, so I want to tell their stories, some of these people have been working on environmental issues around the plastic problem for 20 years! They have struggled and overcome so many hurdles along the way so it is great to finally have attention on their projects, but for me the stories behind the projects are just as fascinating.

Where would you life to see yourself in five years?

I have changed my life around to live outside the box and I am so much happier for it. I want to help others with the lessons and skills I have learnt and want to encourage people to have a better life balance and get outside into nature more. With that in mind, I am hoping to grow my platform to include toolkits for sustainability, coaching for life balance and adventure.

I am aiming to eventually run wellness retreats with some of the amazing adventurers, yoga teachers and coaches I have met along my journey. I also hope to grow my podcast to get inspiring stories out there about people who are following their bliss and finding doors that open where they didn’t know doors existed.

How can people get involved?

I would love for people to get involved.  I am looking for sponsors and partners for the podcast and the kayak expedition and can provide a platform for companies to align their brand with sustainable solutions.

The next event that people can get involved with is the next PaddlePickup Expedition. We will be cleaning remote beaches in the Summer Isles in Scotland and any level of paddler can join us.  I cant wait, it’s going to be the best one yet! Details are here.


I’ve always been a bit of a nomad and an adventurer. I was born in Brunei to parents from Manchester and the Isle of Man. I then lived in Holland where you could have found me skating along frozen canals to school. UK based since the early 80’s from the age of 5. Brighton based for the last 20 odd years. Through it all, the Ocean and its creatures have been a major passion of mine.

Corporate Career

I worked as a respected Real Estate Lawyer for over ten years, but my values didn’t fit with the job and I found myself stuck and unhappy.  In 2015 I was lucky enough to find Incredible Oceans and I have been volunteering with them since. This work showed me that my skills were transferable and opened up opportunities which have led me to where I am today. In July 2017 I quit my job and went about proving to myself that there was an alternative to office life.  It ended up being a journey into my own self belief and confidence and I continue to learn every day.

Life in Perspective 

had gone through the traumatic experience of watching my Mum fight for her life. One minute fit and healthy and the next in Intensive Care. She had pancreatitis which led to sepsis and multiple-organ failure. Watching her come back from the brink and realising how much more we are capable of gave me the push to change my life. To let go of fear and to follow my values.

I found myself doing things I never imagined of myself.  Like kayaking the width of Britain, the Length of Wales and spending 10 days in the Arctic wilderness of the Lofoten Islands in Norway.  I realised how adventure and nature connection helped me to cope with depression. It helped me to get attention on issues I cared about in conservation. I also realised that by pushing by perceived boundaries, I could achieve so much more than I thought I could.  


Don’t wait for a major trauma before you seek the life you deserve.

I continue to use the invaluable skills I learnt in my corporate job. This experience has given me a unique understanding of the commercial world. Which means I understand corporate needs, yet also have a toolkit to help put in place sustainable change.
I hope I can inspire you. We only have one life after all. 

Contact me to learn more,  to book a free coaching consultation or to discuss your workshop / sustainability needs..


Clare Osborn is the founder of the platform Clare Talks Rubbish. She is a self-described Ocean Lover, Explorer and Wellness Advocate, committed to support others to live a life that is not rubbish.

Clare’s first career as a well respected lawyer spanned almost fifteen years.  In that role, she honed her skills in organisation, communication and business acumen. Clare also learnt the importance of building long lasting relationships in business and beyond. 

Influenced by a family trauma, in 2017 Clare flipped her life around. She quit the legal profession to follow her values and build on her passion for wellness, adventure and marine conservation.  She is now a qualified coach, motivational speaker and sustainability consultant. Clare’s life experience has given her a unique toolkit that enables her to communicate on many levels. This allows her to help you to deliver the best for yourself, your project or your business.  

Clare’s passion for sustainability and the environment comes from first hand experience.  She has saved turtles and their eggs from the hands of poachers in Costa Rica, helped build grey water circles in a remote village in Guatamala and seen piles of burning plastic while teaching at a remote school in Cambodia.  Clare has paddled both the width of Britain and the Length of Wales fishing rubbish out of our waterways to raise awareness about plastic pollution.  She has also featured in international, local and regional press. 

Clare has also worked within a team for not-for profit Incredible Oceans to deliver outreach at large scale public events.  These include Whalefest (at the Brighton Centre), the Steppes Beyond Festival (at the Royal Geographical Society), The World Travel Market and Telegraph Outdoor Show (both at the Excel in London). 

Clare’s adventures for 2019 include remote working in California, scuba diving remote Cocos Island, kayaking and cleaning up remote Scottish beaches, paddle boarding Scotland coast to coast and an adventure with her Mum, who a few years ago spent 2 months in intensive care battling for her life against sepsis, pancreatitis and multiple organ failure.

Clare is passionate about finding long term sustainable solutions to problems. She wants to inspire others to live their best life, follow their dreams and to live outside the box.