I had no clue what I wanted to do when I was younger, nor through most of my adult life.  I studied Sociology at University, which at the time didn’t leave me with many clear career options so I got a call centre job while I figured it out.  The monotony of that job forced me to take stock and after some backpacking I went back to University to do a law conversion.  It didn’t take me long to feel out of place in the legal profession.  The rigidity of the corporate environment left me feeling grey, drained, stressed and tired.  But I was good at my job and felt trapped after investing years of time and money into training, and so 15 years on, I was still in the profession.

My work had no real meaning to me and I was suffering from low level depression, living an unhealthy lifestyle and partaking in too many weekend excesses to numb the realities of life. I would love to say that I was at a crossroads and I had an epiphany but sadly I had to wait for a massive trauma to bulldoze me before I recognised the situation I was in.  

Tipping Point

One day at work I got a message from my mum to say she had been blue lighted to hospital, but not to worry as she’s fine.  She was far from fine and it marked the start of a 4 month nightmare not knowing if she would live or die. It was in this time of crisis that I started to learn about my inner strength and our true capabilities as human beings.  Also a massive wake up call about the fragility and briefness of life.  And so I made a decision to start to face my demons, deal with my sh*t and find my happy. Oh and my Mum is now fine, phew!

So, I quit my job, threw lots of balls in the air and set about looking for my happy.  From that day on my life changed forever. I took up kayaking thanks to Erin Bastian and since then I have paddled the width of England, length of Wales, remote Scottish Islands, and Arctic Norway among others. These adventures and time with the water and nature helped me to grow and I realised how adventure and nature connection can also help us. 

Follow Your Passion

The water and travel have always been a big part of my life.  After volunteering on a turtle conservation project in Costa Rica I wanted to do more.  Back home in Brighton, I found Whalefest and with that found a tribe of people following their passion for the ocean, for conservation and for a better world and my eyes were opened to a wealth of opportunity.  I knew I had to do something that was in line with my values and follow my passion for travel, connecting with nature and especially blue spaces.

You only have one life : Live it

At first it was chaotic because I had my fingers in so many pies and still didn’t really have a plan.  I knew I wanted to learn more about the tools and techniques that had helped me to get through such a dark period in my life and so I started to learn more about NLP and coaching and from there on it all fell into place. I started to grow my knowledge, doing personal development. I realised that I needed to work on my inside before I could get the external life I wanted.  Then I got myself a coach and progress sky rocketed from then on.  My journey is forever developing and progressing but I now know I have the right tools for success.  I just wish I knew all this stuff much earlier in life!

I have now created a flexible life that gives me the freedom and balance I needed to be active and healthy and I’m loving it.

If you resonate with my story in any way; I’d love to help. Head over to my coaching pages for more information on how I can help you.  

Ocean Health:

“We are beginning to learn that our brains are hardwired to react positively to water and that being near it can calm and connect us, increase innovation and insight, and even heal what’s broken,”

Wallace J Nicholls

In realising that we are inherently connected to our waterways, this made my resolve to protect it even stronger.  The natural world is not an optional extra for us and by connecting with it we are healthier in mind and body.  I absolutely believe that we protect what we love but as Jaques Cousteau said we only love what we know.   And so I want to share my love for our waters in the hope that you will fall in love with it too.  And with that love, you want to protect it as much as I do.

Megan Youngs

Megan Youngs

Outreach Co-Ordinator

Megan is a third year undergraduate geography student at the University of Sussex who is interested in all things waste. Her main interest is changing behaviors behind waste and trying to engage different groups in waste that aren’t usually motivated by the environment. She has a year’s experience as an Environmental Intern for a facilities company at the University of Sussex where she managed most of the waste on campus and introduced new schemes such as Tetra Pak recycling and Duvet Recycling and would like to get into waste management consulting. 

Chloe Aust

Podcast Editing and Production

Chloe is a former radio journalist turned environmental campaigner who in her spare time is slowly nurturing an ever-growing passion for kayaking after taking part in a paddle cleanup with Clare in Spring 2019. Her other job is as Communications lead for The Pew Trusts’ Ending Overfishing in Northwestern Europe project, also responsible for supporting the organisation’s environmental campaign work across Europe. Chloe helped to edit many of the podcast episodes in Season 1 and 2.


  • I went from unhappy stuck 9-5er to happy location independent entrepreneur.
  • I first picked up a paddle aged 39 and have now paddled groundbreaking expeditions into the wilderness and conservation adventures that made national and international press.
  • I have recovered from traumas and a self destructive and unhealthy lifestyle to find balance.
  • Now I want to help others to realise that change is always possible and your dreams can come true with a little effort.


I Help:

  • Teams, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses to become more productive and efficient
  • Businesses to become more sustainable
  • Individuals to get unstuck, lose limiting beliefs, realise their full potential and find their happy
  • People to get outside, to reconnect with nature (especially water) and discover the health benefits of doing so.


  • Mindfulness by the sea workshops
  • Corporate ocean adenture team building and beach cleaning
  • Consultancy and coaching for performance and/or setting sustainability goals
  • Motivational speaking
  • 1:1 Coaching programmes and Deep Dive sessions in Brighton or via Skype/Zoom.

Be the change you want to see

Clare Talks Rubbish Podcast

Conversations with people who are out to redefine what’s possible for our lives and our relationship with our (and the) environment.

Clare Talks Coaching

I work with teams and individuals who are striving to create balance.  My coaching pages are currently being updated.  Contact me for a free, no obligation discovery call to see how I can help you and if we are a good match.

Ocean Advocacy

We protect what we love, but only love what we know. So, I do what I can to engage and inspire you to love our blue planet and join me to do what we can to protect it.

Together we can create a wave of change