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I have seen first hand the issues our ocean is facing and so I had to do something about it. The seas, oceans and waterways are like a sanctuary for me, a reset button that has been vital for my sanity and my mental health.  Our world's blue has so many benefits for our mental and physical wellbeing, it seems a no brainer to do something to protect it.

We rely on the worlds blue for the air that we breathe and so it is not an optional extra for us.  Yet we have polluted, plundered and disrespected our oceans for long enough.  The imaginary 'away' is coming back to bite us on the bum.  I absolutely believe that we protect what we love and so I want to share my love for our waters in the hope that you will fall in love with it too.  And with that love, you want to protect it as much as I do.

I spent 15 years in the legal profession and so am in a unique position having knowledge and understanding of a range of businesses, as well as being passionate about sustainability and the natural world.

I now combine the skills I honed in the corporate world, with those from ocean outreach, coaching and communication tools.  This gives me a unique set of skills to help you to live a life you love sustainably or create a sustainable and supportive work environment, school or project.

My ocean conservation journey started by volunteering on a turtle conservation project in Costa Rica in 2012. Since then, I have become a huge advocate for the ocean.

Visit my Projects Page to find out about my podcast, Incredible Oceans, Paddle Cleanup, Oceans 8 Brighton and more.  I can also bring this expertise into my talks and coaching to help you or your brand become more sustainable.  See my Speaking Page for more information.

Paddle Cleanup

Paddle Cleanup

Conservation Lead

Incredible Oceans

Incredible Oceans

Campaign Manager

oceans 8 brighton

oceans 8 brighton


who am i?

Ocean Advocate / Explorer / Speaker / Life Coach

I aim to inspire you to get outside, connect with nature live a life you love sustainably.  I spent 15 years in the legal profession before I quit the corporate rat race in 2017.  That was just after my mum recovered from pancreatitis, sepsis and multiple organ failure.  Going through that trauma made me realise that we are capable of so much more as humans and that life truly is short.  So I changed my life around to live outside the status quo, follow my passions and I am so much happier for it. 

Since then I have taken up kayaking, and paddled the width of England, the length of Wales and remote Scottish Islands all to raise awareness about plastic pollution.  Now I want to share the lessons, tips and skills I have learnt along the way.  Please don't wait for a trauma to kick start your path to the life you deserve.

I inspire sustainable change via speaking, writing, coaching and adventure. 

You can find out more about my story by listening to my podcast episode.


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Do you want to live a life you love sustainably?

I can help you overcome blocks, negative patterns and limiting beliefs and help you to set realistic goals to start on your journey for exactly that!

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