mindfulness & Life Coach, Speaker and Ocean Advocate.

Together we can create a wave of change

I envisage a world where individuals feel empowered and the collective absolutely DOES make a difference.  A world where we give back rather than take away.  I’m on a mission to create a life less ordinary in whatever way that looks, sounds or feels like for YOU.


The Clare Talks Rubbish Podcast / Blog and projects to inspire positive change for inner and outer landscapes.


Live a life you love sustainably 

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Who Am I?

Mindfulness & Life Coach, Speaker and  Ocean Advocate

I aim to inspire you to take action to become the author of your own life.  To create a life that you love in a sustainable way, whatever that means for you.

I run 1:1 coaching and group coaching, mindfulness, sustainability workshops, and paddle cleanups.  I also write inspiring content around all the areas I work in and host the Clare Talks Rubbish Podcast to inspire positive change. Are you ready to live a life you love sustainably?



A series of conversations with every day heroes who are pioneering positive change.  Inspiring stories that redefine what’s possible.

Latest Podcast Episodes

E9: Atlanta Cook: How To Be An Effective Ocean Activist

E9: Atlanta Cook: How To Be An Effective Ocean Activist

How to be an effective ocean activist - a question on many people's mind at the moment.   Surfers Against Sewage Atlanta Cook has been campaigning for the ocean for a very long time and has not only set up several grass roots projects herself, she was also there at...

Wasteland & the true cost of Convenience. E8: Louise McCurdy

Wasteland & the true cost of Convenience. E8: Louise McCurdy

'Purveyors of Found and Vintage Plastic Goods' The sign on the shopfront of the True Cost of Con-Venience store in the Forest of Dean. An awesome play of words and perceptions by Dirty Beach collaborators Louise McCurdy and Chloe Hanks.  Louise is a fellow Oceans 8...

Podcast Episode 4: Cat Fletcher, The Resource Goddess

Podcast Episode 4: Cat Fletcher, The Resource Goddess

Episode 4: Cat Fletcher, the Reuse Goddess on all things Reuse Reuse - you know that thing that is above recycling in the waste hierarchy! I met up with Cat outside in a cafe and we chatted away for ages about her favourite subject - Reuse.  Cat is a force to be...

Podcast Episode 3: Harriet’s of Hove Plastic Free Pantry

Podcast Episode 3: Harriet’s of Hove Plastic Free Pantry

Episode 3:  Harriett's of Hove Plastic Free Pantry. This episode finds me sitting on the floor of the stock room at Harriet's of Hove: Plastic Free Pantry with the super inspiring shop owner and NHS Sustainability Ambassador Harriet.  We talk about sustainability in...

Latest Blogs

oceans 8 brighton

Oceans 8 Clean the Beach with Pride

Oceans 8 Clean the Beach with Pride 5.30am, the sky a beautiful hue of pink and orange. The sea was as still as a millpond glistening that...
the green centre

Why You Should Care About Recycling with Melanie Rees

“It is VERY important that you follow instructions for your recycling as contamination causes HUGE problems….. “

What Do You Actually Want For The Future Of Plastic Products?

You only need look at the success of the plastic bag charge to see how easy change is. A 90% reduction in one year by the introduction of a mere 5p.


How To Adventure With Less Plastic Waste.

Here are my top 10 tips for adventuring with less plastic waste.

Top Tips For Repurposing Your River Rubbish

Top tips for repurposing your river rubbish from up cycling to recycling and avoiding landfill.

length of Wales

5 Take Aways From Paddling the Length of Wales

The only thing that separates you from someone who is doing what you want to do is time!  Start spending time doing the things that you want to do and eventually you will be that person too!  Sounds too easy right?  It IS that easy though.

marine recycled kayak

How do you know your rubbish isn’t polluting the ocean?

It is time that manufacturers started to design products with the end in mind. If brands like Lush and Patagonia can make huge profits with sustainable values there is no reason why others can’t follow.

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paddle pickup

Where is the rubbish now?

Walking into the prestigious Royal Geographical Society in London with bags of river rubbish was an experience I can’t say I ever thought I would have in life!


Are you suffering from Eco-overwhelm?

Are you struggling with ‘busyness?’

Need help setting goals or breaking negative patterns and habits?

Do you want to have more life balance? YOU are the most important thing in your journey on this planet.  In order to help it and others around us (including loved ones), we must start with ourselves.  You can only make positive changes from a place of fullness. Whatever is getting in the way of living that dream life you love, I can help you.  Your dreams won’t come to you without some investment in yourself.  So, ask yourself, what does your dream life look like?  You can picture it now cant you!? How will you feel when you get there?