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What my clients are saying

"Working with Clare was a brilliant experience. Warm and personable, she will instantly put you at ease before surprising you with her spot-on insights. I'd never had IEMT before, but was blown away by how quickly the process literally drains away emotion from painful memories, leaving you free to get on with with your life. Clare has a whole toolkit of skills at her disposal, meaning she has everything she needs to help you get to where you want to be. I would heartily recommend her."

PB, writer.

What my clients are saying

"I have definately created stronger access to my  inner peace and have been able to step out of my story and into a new possibility...  The coaching experience was wonderful.  I trust Clare who always made me feel at ease.  It is also so obvious how much Clare truly cares."

S, Director.

What my clients are saying

"Clare is a wonderful practitioner, working with so much compassion and empathy. She has helped me make lasting change in my life and has helped me trust myself which is huge. I would highly recommend her coaching to anybody.."

MT, Director.

What my clients are saying

"Clare is a very grounded knowledgeable compassionate therapist. She took me through some parts of my past I had not been able to process at the time, and helped me to gather a new helpful perspective into my present life. Clare is doing magical healing work, and I couldn't recommend her enough. x"

Gem, Mentor to Yoga Teachers.

My Mission:

To champion hope and empower midlifers to find meaning and purpose and to use that newly found hope to create IMPACT.

Clare Talks was born out of the Paddle Cleanup expeditions I did alongside Erin Bastian of Evoke Adventure.  Over the past 5 years I have been immersed in plastic pollution, from the coal face to the shelf.  Looking at the problem, the solutions and networking with the people making a real impact.

I have seen the eco-anxiety rise, examined social behaviours and learnt how to help bring people back from the brink of despair into action and purpose.  I learnt about the healing power of nature, how giving back to Mother Nature gives us a higher purpose and how vital meaning and connection are to us as humans.

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Let’s Talk Change

You can find hope amidst this ‘new normal’ and I am here to show you how.  If that better version of your life and business is also one that cares for our environment and global ecosystem then you are creating something that will nurture your soul even more and provide your business with longevity.

The global economy is in such disarray we have an amazing opportunity to embrace change and create a new way of being and working that ticks all the boxes for the awake and conscious among us.  I’ll guide you out of overwhelm, anxiety and fear at an uncertain future and help you to focus on what you can change, what you can influence and help you see that there are more options than you ever dreamed of!

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself" - Rumi

who am i?

I am Clare Osborn, and I have been on a journey from successful lawyer; to ocean outreach with the team who created the biggest ever whale and dolphin festival;  groundbreaking conservation adventure expeditions to paddle the width of Britain, Length of Wales and remote Scottish Islands; then a major beach cleanup which hit national and international press (see Ocean Advocacy page for details).  

I have worked with leading change makers, coaches, waste and circular economy experts and environmental heroes and have learnt so much along the way. My biggest lesson was finding out that the people I looked up to were no different to me, they didn’t have a ‘shiny magic superhero gene’ they just had mindset tools for success!  I grew up believing I am not sporty, or confident and in fact more often than not was on a path to self destruction.  Volunteering taught me I could do more, coaching helped me clear the limiting beliefs holding me back, adventures pushed me beyond my comfort zone and conservation gave me meaning.

I now champion hope and empower midlifers to find meaning and purpose and to use that newly found hope to create IMPACT.

I am the founder of Clare Talks, a collaborative platform that brings people together who want to be part of the solutions for our planet; who want to create or build a business that gives back; and who understand that the health of our planet starts with our own wellbeing.

"You cannot pour from an empty cup"

- Clare Osborn

"Never under estimate the power of conservation and giving back on your own mental and physical wellbeing.  For me, beach and river cleaning were a huge part of my therapy when dealing with trauma and mental health problems.  It played a key role in moving me from 'red mind' overwhelm and stress - to 'blue mind' calm and clarity."

Clare Osborn

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Creating IMPACT via hope and purpose.

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