Clare Osborn : Ocean Advocate & Sustainability Coach

"Hey, I'm here to tell you that you can be part of the solution and that by doing so you will become happier and healthier"

- Clare Osborn

My Mission:

To champion hope and empower change so that you can create a life and business that works for you and the planet.

My Why

Following your true calling is important to me, so much so that I invested in time with one of Mr ‘Find Your Why’ himself, Simon Sinek’s coaches.  Together we determined that my true calling is ‘to empower change so that we may create positive impact greater than ourselves.

Empower – have more confidence & self belief and be ready to take action

Change – discover the fears, limiting beliefs, bad habits and stresses that are getting in the way of you having a fulfilled and happy life

Create – Take action towards that dream life in a way that is sustainable for you and planet

Positive impact – contribute to your community and /or the natural world in whatever way you can.

Greater than ourselves – the ripple effect

Reconnecting with your purpose and getting clear on your vision and your values are the key to laying the foundations for a life and business that works.

Work with me

Want to create better habits that work for you and the planet?

Want to move from overwhelm to action?

Want someone to help you find the solutions that work for you and your business?

Unsure if the changes you are making are making it better or worse?

Want help creating a strategy for behaviour change or to map out solutions that fit your organisation?

Want to find projects to collaborate with?

Want to understand how to communicate better about issues that you care about?

Want to be a better leader or to develop a culture of sustainability and wellbeing?

I can help you to navigate all the above and more.



As featured in the upcoming documentary 'Plastic Britain : One Our Watch'.  Watch the trailer here.

plastic britain documentary

“Clare came to support our Recycle Week campaign at Quorn Foods by hosting a lunchtime workshop – sharing her amazing experiences, plus facts & figures about ocean plastics – drivers, impacts, solutions. All incredibly eye opening, fascinating and always focussing on the positives rather than feeling like a lecture or telling off. Fully recommend – thank you Clare, you truly are an inspiration!”

Quorn Foods, Recycle Week

"Clare both gave a keynote address and ran a workshop at the National Sea Scout Leaders Conference, which had volunteers from across the UK attending. She was engaging, confident and a pleasure to work with. The materials, tone and message were all appropriate to volunteers and she has sparked a fair amount of interest. Thanks Clare for a real help in making this an issue we can make a difference on."

National Sea Scout Leaders Conference

“Together with Claire Potter, Clare developed a day full of motivating and inspiring talks; hands-on team-building activities; thought-provoking materials, resources and ideas for over 60 secondary school students and 20 graduates and staff. They concluded the day by organising a fun-filled silent disco beach clean, which the students and adults alike, thoroughly enjoyed. A huge thank you to Clare for such a fantastic day-long programme of learning and being inspired! I highly recommend her for any environmental school programmes or corporate team building events.” 

KBR Engineering, One Ocean Curriculum

clare osborn testimonial
clare osborn testimonial
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Work with me

If you want to make sustainable changes in your life and home or you want to make a difference in your community, job or business then look no further.

I work with individuals and service based businesses.