clare talks : Coach and Ocean Advocate
Together we can create a wave of change


We create opportunities for individuals and teams to realise their full potential, to come together to create a wave of change.



Helping you to clear out the rubbish and create space for boundless opportunities!



Clare Talks Rubbish Podcast

Conversations with people who are out to redefine what’s possible for our lives and our relationship with our (and the) environment.

Clare Talks Coaching

I work with teams and individuals who are striving to create balance.  My coaching pages are currently being updated.  Contact me for a free, no obligation discovery call to see how I can help you and if we are a good match.

Ocean Advocacy

We protect what we love, but only love what we know. So, I do what I can to engage and inspire you to love our blue planet and join me to do what we can to protect it.

who are we?

Clare Osborn

I am the founder of Clare Talks, a collaborative platform that brings people together to create connections and to become the authors of your own story.  I use coaching tools and stories to inspire positive change.  

Find out more about me and my team.

Our Mission

We envisage a world where individuals feel empowered and the collective absolutely DOES make a difference.  A world where we give back rather than take away.

We’re on a mission to redefine what’s possible, to inspire positive change by stepping outside the status quo to fulfil our potential.

Connecting with the natural world and especially our Blue Planet play a key part in our mission.  We are intrinsically connected with the ocean and scientific evidence shows again and again how our worlds water is not an optional extra for humanity.


  • I went from unhappy stuck 9-5er to happy location independent entrepreneur.
  • I first picked up a paddle aged 39 and have now paddled groundbreaking expeditions into the wilderness and conservation adventures that made national and international press.
  • I have recovered from traumas and a self destructive and unhealthy lifestyle to find balance.
  • Now I want to help others to realise that change is always possible and your dreams can come true with a little effort.


I Help:

  • Teams, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses to become more productive and efficient
  • Businesses to become more sustainable
  • Individuals to get unstuck, lose limiting beliefs, realise their full potential and find their happy
  • People to get outside, to reconnect with nature (especially water) and discover the health benefits of doing so.


  • Mindfulness by the sea workshops
  • Corporate ocean adenture team building and beach cleaning
  • Consultancy and coaching for performance and/or setting sustainability goals
  • Motivational speaking
  • 1:1 Coaching programmes and Deep Dive sessions in Brighton or via Skype/Zoom.



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